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Entertainment & Musical Metal Wall Art

Cafe on the Corner Metal Art
Red Umbrella Courtyard cafe
Her Own Reflection Metal Wall Art
Softlight Candle Wall Art
Scarlet Glow Candle Wall Art
Winkin', Blinkin' and Nod Moon Art
Violet Fairy Metal Wall Art
Bow Hunter Trophy Wall Art
Carefree Highway Metal Wall Art
Artistic Cup of Java Metal Art
Scuba Explorer Metal Wall Art
BMX Freestyle Metal Wall Art
Early Morning City Urban Art
Urban Rhythm Modern Metal Art
Blue Surf Rider Metal Art
Surfer Girl Modern Metal Wall Art
Hiding from the Rain Metal Wall Art
Angel Moon Visit Handcrafted Metal Wall Art
Haitian Mask Handcrafted Metal Wall Art
Filled with Music Metal Wall Hanging
Musical Notes Iron Wall Decor
Up & Away Hot Air Balloons Metal Wall Art Set of 3
Old Century Bicycle Three-Dimensional Wall Art
Guitar Dreams Metal Wall Sculpture
Movie Reel Metal Wall Sculpture
Seaside Village in the Palms Metal Wall Hanging
Motorcycle Mojo Metal Wall Art Decoration
Sophisticated Library Metal Wall Decor Set of 2
Primitive American Flag Metal Wall Hanging
Humorous Born to Ride Biker Metal Wall Hanging
Snowboarding Dude
Chicago City Scape Wall Art
Los Angeles City Scape Wall Art
Toronto Skyline Metal Wall Sculpture
Bigger in Texas Metal Wall Art
Cowboy Fisherman Metal Wall Hanging
Intense Cityscape Metal Wall Art
Born in Texas Wall Art
Pinup Girl Film Strip Art
Miss Behavin Pinup Girl Art
Motorcycle Pinup Girl Wall Art
Route 66 Pinup Girl Art
Biker Pinup Girl Metal Art
San Francisco After Dark
New York Metal Wall Hanging
Milwaukee Reflections
Minneapolis Deep Shadows
Philidelphia Wall Sculpture
San Francisco Metal Wall Art
Los Angeles Waters Edge
Chicago Metal Wall Hanging
St. Louis Metal Wall Sculpture
Houston Quiet Morning
Atlanta Metal Wall Hanging
Detroit City Dreams
New York City Reflection
Miami Skyline Metal Wall Hanging
Boston Wall Sculpture
Seattle Metal Wall Hanging
Fury of the Dragon Metal Wall Sculpture
Cruiser Cycle Metal Wall Art
Morning Coffee Collage Metal Wall Hanging
Island Escape Metal Wall Hanging
Backwoods Cabin Retreat Metal Wall Sculpture
Seaside Welcome Beach Cottage Metal Wall Hanging
Enchanting Movie Reel
Sports Frenzy
Eiffel Tower Decorative Metal Wall Art
Tiki Hut Tropical Resort Metal Wall Sculpture
Ebony Earth Contemporary Wall Art Set of 4
Fun Fish Market Metal Wall Hanging
Game Time Sports Metal Wall Art Set of 4
Pale Lager on Ice with Limes Metal Wall Hanging
Morning Coffee Metal Wall Sculpture
County Fair Hot Air Balloon Metal Wall Sculpture
Texas in Americana Metal Wall Art Hanging Sculpture
World View Hemisphere Metal Wall Hanging
Sports Fan Fantasy Set of 3
Movie Projector Metal Wall Sculpture
Seven Continents Metal Wall Sculpture Set of 4
Log Cabin in the Northern Woods Metal Wall Art
Rated "G" Home Theater Metal Wall Art Sign
Country Milk Jug Welcome Metal Wall Sculpture
New York Metropolis Cityscape Aluminum Wall Art Set of 4
Fun Beach Cottage Metal Wall Hanging
Metropolis Skyline Metal Wall Hanging Set of 6
Coffee Beans of the World Metal Wall Sculpture
Movie Night Metal Wall Hanging
Fanciful Hot Air Balloon Metal Wall Sculpture
Urban Reflections Seven-Panel Three-Dimensional Metal Wall Art
Dry Martini Metal Wall Sculpture
Energy United Modern Metal Wall Sculpture
Watercolor Hot Air Balloons Candle Holder
WWII Pinup Girl Wall Art
Gothic Rat Rod Wall Art
Spiral Infusion Contemporary Metal Art
The Lion Within Modern Metal Art
Vapors of Concentration Abstract Metal Art
Adam's Rebirth Contemporary Metal Art
Movie Magic Metal Wall Art
Movie Time Tickets Metal Art
Vintage Finish Movie Reel 
Classic Movie Reel Media Art
Draftsman's Instruments Wall Art Set of 2
Giant Scrolled Keys Wall Panels Set of 2
Vintage Lock and Key Wall Decor Set of 2
Circle of Embrace Abstract Wall Art
Triple Gearing Industrial Wall Art
Crystalline Wings Wall Art
Family Tree Photo Wall Decor
Two Hemispheres World Map Artwork
Armillary Sphere Wall Art
In-Flight Airplane Wall Artwork
Navy Flier Airplane Wall Art
Fab Four Sports Wall Decor
In Perfect Balance Contemporary Wall Art
Graceful Bonsai Metal Artwork
Tranquility's Edge Contemporary Art
Antique Portal Wall Panel Set of 2
Circle of Bells Metal Wall Art
Keys to the Past Wall Art Set of 3
Mission Bells Southwest Wall Decor
Nine Chimes Hanging Bells Decor
Old Fashioned Elegance Vintage Style Wall Grille
Wire Mesh Photo Frames Set of 2
Wire Grid Reminder and Photo Holder Set of 2
Old World Entry Wall Decor Set of 2
Metropolitan Greetings Wall Art Set of 2
Close to Home Word Art Set of 2
Parisian Post Card Wall Panel
Old Time Flowers Photo Wall Holder
Branch and Roses Metal Art
End of Winter Flower Wall Art Set of 6
An Evening Welcome Metal Artwork
Planetary Yin Yang Abstract Art Set of 6
Imperial Palace Tree Metal Art
Modern Liberty Urban City Wall Art
Unknown Spade Modern Artwork
Cryptic Club Metal Art
Gambler's Heart Abstract Metal Art
Queen of Hearts Card Art
Winning Hand Card Art
Keepers of the Night Bird Art
Moonlit Canyons Wall Art
Between the Rails Artwork
Charming Village Metal Art
Following the River Wall Art
Nightlife New Orleans Wall Art
Night Sky Bourbon Street Wall Art
Old Town After Dark Artwork
Rails and Wheels Metal Art
Simply Home Metal Art
Snow Train Metal Wall Art
Street Vendor's Cart Artwork
Swinging High Modern Artwork
Under the Portico Metal Art
Wheels of Power Railroad Art
Bird land Picture Frames
Industrial Chic Propeller Art
International Destinations Set of 2
NYC Landmarks Wall Plaques Set of 2
Elaborate Keys Wood Wall Panels Set of 2
Weathered Keys Wood Wall Panels Set of 2
Antiquated Entry Wood Wall Plaque
Words of Wisdom Wall Plaque
Those who have a love for sports such as football, basketball, and soccer, or an appreciation for music and musical instruments will find our entertainment category a very useful resource when decorating the home. We offer a wide-variety of sports wall art that covers many different subjects in brilliant hand-painted colors and unique handcrafted designs. In addition to wall art in a colorful sports theme, we offer music wall art for those who want to decorate their home with one-of-a-kind musical flair. From music wall sculptures to metal notes on music staff, you will find something of interest that will add a touch of class and artistic appeal to your home. Here at Metal Wall Art we guarantee your complete satisfaction or your money back.