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Animals Metal Wall Art

Strolling Sandpipers Decorative Wall Art
Swimming Sea Turtle Metal Wall Hanging
Dramatic Fish Abstract Metal Wall Hanging
Pair of Cranes in the Marshlands Metal Wall Art
Tropical Smiling Fish Metal Wall Sculpture
Butterflies & Vines Wall Art
Tropical Fish Friends Metal Wall Hanging
Geckos in Love Metal Wall Hanging
Colorful Sailfish Metal Wall Hanging
Hummingbird Nectar Metal Wall Art Sculpture
Dolphin Divers Metal Wall Sculpture
Boston Boy Metal Wall Art
Full of Surprise Owl Wall Art
Bluebird's Perch Bird Art
Balanced in Blue Bird Art
Hungry Panda Metal Wall Art
Snowy Owl Bird Portrait
Mates Among the Branches Tree Art
Huddled Against the Wind Bluebird Art
Snow Bird Metal Wall Art
Sweet Schauzer Metal Art
Fleeting Blue Butterfly Metal Art
Blue Mountain Mare Horse Wall Art
Great White Heron at Water's Edge
Residents of the Bayou Metal Art
Koi Couple Fish Wall Art
Chasing Bubbles Goldfish Wall Art
Golden Diver Fish Wall Art
Swimming Upstream Fish Wall Art
Peony Visitor Butterfly Wall Art
Lion Eyes Exotic Animal Art
Golden Swimmers of the Sea Artwork
Toucan Sunrise Tropical Wall Art
Heron at the Marsh Nature Art
Blue Sky Blossoms Metal Wall Art
Solitary Silver Horse Metal Art
Mallards' Journey Metal Wall Art
Mane Event Lion Wall Art
Speckled Taimen Fish Plaque
Big Bass Mounted Wall Plaque
Yellow Tuna Fish Plaque
Albacore Fish Wall Plaque
Tarpon Fish Wall Hanging
Gray Crappie Fish Wall Art
Brook Trout Wall Trophy
Colorful Sunfish Fish Trophy Plaque
Perch Fish Wall Plaque
Tasty Albacore Trophy Fish Wall Art
Bold Blue Stripe Tuna Wall Art
Stripped Bass Fish Wall Art
Walleye Willie Wall Hanging
Spotted Rainbow Trout Fish Art
Muskellunge Fish Wall Hanging
Northern Pike Fish Wall Art
Turquoise Pair Tropical Fish Art
A Perfect Pairing Tree Art
Marshland Take Off Nature Art
Egret Inlet Bird Wall Art
Big Buck Vista Nature Art
Northern Lakes Bear Wall Art
Moose Country North Style Wall Art
Neon Sea Urchins Metal Art
Nautilus Tales Undersea Metal Art
Colorful Strut Rooster Wall Art
Sundrenched Starfish Nautical Art
Breathtaking Blue Marlin Fish Art
Golden Game Fish Wall Art
Not-So-Crabby Beach Walker Metal Art
Maine Course Lobster Wall Art
Crabby Crustacean Metal Art
Cat Portrait Handmade Metal Wall Art
Pine Branch Bird Refuge Metal Wall Hanging
Sandpipers and Egrets Metal Wall Hanging
Mustang Horse Trio Wall Art
Rainbow Tropical Angel Fish Metal Wall Art
Woodland Welcome Silhouette Wall Art
Woodland Bounty Metal Wall Art
Hunter's Welcome Metal Wall Art
Happy Herons Black Silhouette Art
Colorful Dragonfly Metal Wall Hanging Set of 3
Ten-point Buck Deer Wall Art
Deer Family Forest Silhouette Wall Art
Northern Wildlife Silhouette Wall Art
Geese Silhouette Wall Art
Buck and Does Silhouette Wall Art
River Fish Silhouette Wall Art
Bountiful Birds Wall Art Hanging
Bird Dog Silhouette Wall Art
Turkey Silhouette Wall Art
Grand Elk Metal Wall Hanging
Flight of the Pheasant Metal Wall Decor
Native American Horse Metal Wall Sculpture
Tribal Gecko Lizard
Bonanza of Butterflies
Dragonfly Dreams Metal Wall Art
Zealous Zebra Metal Wall Art
Hooty Owl Metal Wall Hanging
16 Point Buck Metal Wall Art
Sweet Woodsy Owl Wall Art
Resting Filly Horse Wall Art
Pair of Sparrows Wall Art
Pair of Elk Wall Art
Great Plains Buffalo Wall Art
North Woods Elk Wall Art
Gathering of Elk Metal Art
Bear & Moose Friends Wall Art
Back Country Moose Metal Art
Something to Hoot About Owl Art
Give a Hoot Owl Wall Art
Cardinal in the Pines Wall Art
Running of the Horses Wall Art
Mountain Lodge Elk Wall Art
Sockeye Salmon Fish Wall Art
Cocky Rooster Wall Art Sculpture
Coral Reef Fish Metal Wall Art
Bald Eagle Leaf Wall Art
Resting Falcon Metal Wall Art
Grizzly Bear Leaf Wall Art
Woodsy Owl Leaf Wall Art
Lone Wolf Leaf Wall Art
Posing Hawk Leaf Wall Art
Wise Owl Leaf Wall Art
Monarch Butterfly Metal Wall Art
Garden Gecko Triplets Metal Wall Art
Swimmingly Happy School of Fish Metal Wall Sculpture
Seventeen Fish Metal Wall Art
Horse Stampede Metal Wall Hanging
Butterfly Gathering Metal Wall Hanging
Sensational Seahorse Metal Wall Hanging
Marlin Stunner Metal Wall Hanging
Crawling Crab Abstract Metal Wall Sculpture
Golden Angel Fish Metal Wall Sculpture
Frog on Lily Pad Metal Wall Art Sculpture
Cattail Dragonfly Metal Wall Art Hanging
Fantastical Fish Family Metal Wall Hanging
Tropical Sea Turtle Metal Wall Art Sculpture
Mallards in the Sand Handcrafted Metal Wall Hanging
Seaside Lobster Metal Wall Art Sculpture
Tropical Angel Fish Metal Wall Art Hanging
Mosaic Western Horses Metal Wall Sculpture
Cobalt Blue Butterfly Metal Wall Art
Nautical Sea Gulls Metal Wall Sculpture
Synergy School of Fish Metal Wall Sculpture
Winter Flight of Geese Metal Wall Sculpture
Rumble of the Grizzly Bear Metal Wall Hanging
Butterfly Strand Handcrafted Metal Wall Art
Resting Pelican Metal Wall Art Decor
Fanciful Fish Family Handmade Metal Wall Hanging
Sweet Seahorse Metal Wall Hanging
Splendor of the Elk Metal Wall Art Hanging
Tropical Kissing Fish Metal Wall Art Sculpture
Sunrise Pelicans Metal Wall Decor
Heron Metal Wall Sculpture
Regal Cranes Metal Wall Sculpture
Tribal Warrior Horse Abstract Metal Wall Sculpture
Soaring American Eagle Metal Wall Hanging
Charge of the Bison Metal Wall Hanging
Multicolored Macaws in Paradise Metal Wall Art Decor
Giant Blue Crab Metal Wall Art
Resting Filly Horse Metal Wall Hanging
Vibrant Ocean Fish Metal Wall Art
Cry of the Wolf Metal Wall Art Sculpture
Standing Pelican Metal Wall Hanging
Moose Trail Metal Wall Art Hanging
Trout Fish Metal Wall Hanging
Happy Horse Laser Cut Metal Wall Art
Trio of Stallions Metal Wall Hanging
Angelfish Trio Wall Hangings Set of 3
Meeting of the Bucks Metal Wall Hanging
Butterfly and Roses Metal Wall Sculpture
Wolves on Watch Metal Wall Sculpture
Pine Mountain Buck Deer Metal Wall Sculpture
Mountain Top Elk Metal Wall Hanging
Buck on the Mountain Metal Wall Hanging
Red Macaws in Paradise Metal Wall Hanging
Dragonfly Dream Handmade Metal Wall Sculpture
Western Butterflies Metal Wall Sculpture
Catch of the Day Fish Metal Wall Art Sculpture
Fantastical Sea Turtle Metal Wall Sculpture
Fishing Great White Heron Metal Wall Art
Grazing Horses Metal Wall Art Hanging
Camouflage Deer Metal Wall Coat Rack
Running Horses Abstract Metal Wall Art Set of 6
Horse with Colt Metal Wall Hanging
Majestic Marshland Crane Metal Wall Hanging
Eagle's Repose Metal Wall Hanging
Fluttering Colors Butterfly Metal Wall Hanging
Three's a Crowd Metal Fish Wall Art
Hummingbird Welcome Metal Wall Art Sculpture
Stallion's Run Metal Door Topper
Grizzly Bear Snack Metal Wall Sculpture
Wolves by Moonlight Metal Wall Hanging
Bear of the Ancients Metal Wall Hanging
Sea Turtle Family Scolled Metal Wall Artwork
Watchful Buck Deer Metal Wall Art Sculpture
Eagle Flight Hand-Painted Metal Wall Art
Horse and Horseshoe Metal Wall Hanging
Resting Heron Bird in the Marsh Metal Wall Artwork
Trail of Terns Seabird Metal Wall Hanging
Prancing Moose Metal Wall Sculpture
Old West Bison Metal Wall Art Sculpture
American Bald Eagle Montage Metal Wall Art
Mosaic Stallion in Motion Metal Wall Hanging
American Bald Eagle Tribute Metal Wall Sculpture
Underwater Splendor Metal Wall Art
Playful Bear Cubs Metal Wall Sculpture
34" Regality of the Butterfly Handmade Metal Wall Sculpture
Blue Rays Metal Wall Art Sculpture
North Woods Moose Montage Metal Wall Hanging
Momma and Baby Grizzly Bear Metal Wall Coat Rack
Retrievers and Mallards Metal Wall Art
Grumpy Grizzly Bear Metal Wall Sculpture
Pause of the Bear Metal Lodge Wall Art
Woodland Animal Collage Metal Door Topper
Hummingbird Delight Metal Wall Hanging
Eyes of the Wolf Metal Wall Art
African Grey Parrot in Paradise Metal Wall Sculpture
Hearts Aflutter Metal Butterfly Wall Hanging
Mountain Climbing Bear Metal Wall Hanging
Buffalo on the Open Range Metal Wall Hanging
Woodland Elk Welcome Metal Wall Hanging
Horse of Fantasy Metal Wall Hanging
Lucky Horseshoe Metal Wall Sculpture
Grizzly Bear Lodge Collage Metal Wall Art
Solitude of the Buck Deer North Woods Metal Wall Hanging
Butterfly Dreaming Metal Wall Hanging
Bear Family in the Pines Metal Wall Art Sculpture
Buck in the Pine Forest Metal Wall Art Hanging
Hummingbird and Cosmos Metal Wall Hanging
Buck and Doe Metal Wall Sculpture
Something Fishy Handmade Metal Wall Sculpture
Cardinals & Hibiscus Metal Wall Art
Hummingbird Montage Metal Wall Art
Butterflies, Bees & Friends Metal Wall Decor Set of 6
School of Gold Metal Wall Art
Fortuitous Fish School Metal Wall Sculpture
27" Regality of the Butterfly Handmade Metal Wall Sculpture
Turtle Temptation Metal Wall Hanging
Butterfly Trail Handcrafted Metal Wall Sculpture
Thirteen Point Buck Wilderness Metal Wall Hanging
Nesting Chicadees Metal Wall Art Hanging
Thoroughbred Horse Welcome Metal Wall Art
Butterfly Introspect Handpainted Aluminum Wall Hanging
Pack of Wolves Metal Door Topper
Forest Moose Metal Wall Sculpture
Mighty Wolf Metal Wall Sculpture
Fish on the Ocean Floor Wall Hanging
Sea Turtle 3D Metal Wall Art
Arctic Polar Bear Family Wall Art
Polar Penguin Family Wall Art
African Elephants Metal Wall Hanging
African Giraffe Family Metal Art
Tiger Family Wall Art
African Zebra Family Wall Art
Northern Moose Metal Leaf Art
Darting Dolphins Metal Wall Art
Mahi Mahi Ray Fish Art
Penguin Parents and Baby Wall Art
Sweet Polar Bear Gathering Art
Elegant Elephants Wall Hanging
Tempting Tigers Metal Wall Hanging
Zany Zebras Safari Metal Art
Bear's Welcome Metal Wall Art
Deer Welcome Metal Wall Art
Woodland Nuthouse Welcome Wall Art
Winsome Whales Metal Wall Hanging
Delighted Dolphins Wall Art Sculpture Set of 3
Iconic Freedom Eagle Wall Art
Stallion in the Sun Metal Art
Golden Mustang Horse Wall Art
Gentle Observer Elephant Wall Art
Delicate Butterflies 2 Piece Wall Art
Island Perch Seabird Wall Sculpture
Rainforest Parrot Bird Wall Art
Scarlet Macaw Tropical Bird Art
Buffalo Gaze Metal Wall Art
Majestic Elk Metal Wall Art
Wild Serenity Metal Wall Art
Grand Gestures Metal Wall Art
Gecko Crest Metal Wall Art
Battling Buck Nature Metal Art
Soulful Expression Wolf Art
Gathering of Four Horses
Silhouettes in the Sky
Flock in Flight Contemporary Art
Taurus in Gold Modern Metal Art Set of 6
Butterfly Wings and Delicate Petal Wall Art Set of 9
Angelfish Habitat Fish Wall Art
Blooming Owls Flower Wall Art Set of 2
Thundering Mustangs Metal Art
Flower Power Turtle Wall Art
Blossom Loving Butterfly Artwork
Glorious Peacock Metal Wall Art
Vines and Butterflies Metal Wall Art Set of 6
Nature's Flight Pattern Wall Art Set of 6
Colorful Perch Bird and Leaves Art
Close to Home Word Art Set of 2
Delicate Scrolls Dragonfly Art
Metropolitan Greetings Wall Art Set of 2
Pop Art Butterfly Metal Decor
Special Delivery Dragonfly Art
Words in Flight Butterfly Decor
A Duck and His Shadow Artwork
Family of Polar Bears Nature Artwork
Bear in the Meadow Landscape Art
Eagle's Journey Metal Artwork
An Elephant's Approach Metal Art
Cheetah and the Night Sky
Portrait of a Fawn Animal Art
The Lion's Mane in the Wind
Panther on the Prowl Nature Wall Art
Purple Twilight Leopard Wall Art
Spirit of the Bear Nature Artwork
The Tiger's Home Nature Wall Art
Contemplative Polar Bear Artwork
Vibrant Savannah Elephant Art
Intense Wildlife Elephant Art
Family of Elephants Modern Art
Mother and Child Giraffe Art
Zebra Contrast Wildlife Art
Zebras at Water's Edge
Connections of Life Zebra Art
Fisherman's Trophy Wall Art
Rainbow Trout Wall Plaque
Spotted Fish Wall Art
Amazing Swordfish Wall Plaque
Dramatic Swordfish Wall Art
Colorful Swordfish Wall Art
Ruler of the Barnyard Rooster Art
Loyal Friend Canine Wall Art
Solitary Wolf Wildlife Art
Vivid Swordfish Wall Plaque
White Fish Wall Plaque
Autumn's Beauty Garden Art
Blunt Nose Fish Wall Plaque
Favorite Catch Fish Wall Plaque
A Country Inhabitant Metal Art
Surveying the Fields Metal Art
Proud Eagle Metal Wall Art
Protective Mother Wildlife Art
Parade of Seabirds Metal Artwork
A Popular Perch Bird & Tree Wall Art
Bovine Buddies Animal Art
The Lonely Piglet Animal Art
A Waddling Trio Animal Metal Art
Coming to Roost Animal Art
Circled Branches Tree and Bird Art
Charming Visitors Bird Art Set of 2
Animals play a part in every style of home decor, and if you love the natural beauty of animals, including vividly colored tropical fish, birds, African wildlife, and other living creatures, consider incorporating animals into your home decor. At Metal Wall Art you will discover beautifully detailed animals in just about every decorating style imaginable, and we offer something for everyone. From whimsical lizards that are ideal for decorating a child’s bedroom to beautiful and highly detailed garden butterflies, you will find a wide selection of animal wall hangings and exquisitely crafted sculptures that you will be proud to display.